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 Polished Rod Spacer System

Enhanced oil production, safely, from the ground in a matter of minutes! 

The Wamco Polished Rod Spacer System is the Safest, quickest & most economical method of re-spacing or tapping/tagging the Down-Hole Pump on any pumping Oil or Gas well.


Once installed, these operations can be completed from the ground; by one person. No clamps moved. No Climbing – No Falls – No Fingers lost due to slipped clamps. No Rods dropped down the hole.


Wamco Polished Rod Spacers & Suitcases have been proven in the oil field for over 30 years  - without failure!


Please refer to our FAQ page, or contact us directly for answers to the more common questions


"Everything was great. Thank you for the prompt service. Keep up the good work!

C. D.

"The suitcase and spacer test was successful. this is a viable, safe, simple, and economic option for spacing out pumps. Total time on location was about one hour including a pre-job safety meeting and post job discussions. Ease of use and how quickly a rod string can be raised and lowered was exhibited even by personnel that had previously never used the tools.

The benefit to using spacers is not only cost reduction by eliminating the need for cranes. These spacers will also allow quicker reaction to gas locking or gas interference problems, pumps that are starting to stick with solids, etc. Downtime and pulling costs should result." 


"In a recent Significant Incident, a contract employee’s fingers were caught between the top clamp and the load cell requiring a skin graft to his fingers


Corrective action includes ensuring proper equipment is used such as a manufactured rod stand, like the Wamco Polished Rod Suitcase.

Read the full Safety Alert here

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